You have found the part of the internet currently assigned to Ton Inktail, writer of stories involving fuzzy animals. I don't have a great deal to put here at the moment, so I'll get right to why you are probably here, and talk about my books.

Most of my work to date is set in the MoonDust universe, a future world where humans have gone extinct, and transgenic animal people dominate Earth (and its dusty gray companion).

I also have a Nordic werewolf project that’s currently about 25% complete.

MoonDust: Falling From Grace

Imogene the caribou never planned to become a lunar commando, but now she'd better learn fast. War clouds are brewing on the planet below, and when the storm breaks no training can ever be enough.

A soldier's first duty is to her country, but when black and white fade to dusty gray, the lines between friend and foe blur. As everything Imogene ever believed in crumbles to dust, she must decide if some orders should never be obeyed.

MoonDust is my first novel, and is available now on Amazon.

Under the Mountain

Three construction workers break into an abandoned moon-base, searching for riches. But what fate befell the original inhabitants? The answer lies in a twisting warren of tunnels, where the dead may not be truly departed.

Under the Mountain is a short horror story of 24 pages, or approximately 8,000 words, and is available as part of the Abandoned Places anthology from FurPlanet. It was also my first paid publication, and is set in the MoonDust universe, a few hundred years after the events of Falling From Grace.